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I had a very good experience with these guys my first time coming… they really know what they are talking about with there products and are really professional !

Awesome people and place. Love the Ceres cbd oil. Has done wonders for my IBS..”

Best CBD shop on the gulf coast! The owners are highly educated on their products, the prices are great, and they are locally owned!

I was more than pleased with the organic CBD flower that I purchased from Genetix Dispensary today

  • So are you wondering if CBD is just a new fad?

     Well, I'm here to tell you it is not! I live with a neurological movement disorder called Dystonia. The particular type I have is called Hemi-Dystonia, which means excruciating muscle spasms down half of my body nonstop. Since diagnosis at age 13, I've dealt with the physical and emotional pain with pharmaceuticals and multiple surgeries. Nothing ever worked to alleviate my pain though! Then I met the guys at Genetix, which was a blessing. I now use the tincture, bath bombs, motion lotion, and even the patches. Since using these products my quality of life has improved drastically. I'm able to sleep. I have a normal heart rate for the first time in 11 years. Most importantly, not every step I take is filled with pain anymore! I'm physically and emotionally better because of the guys at Genetix. So give them a visit, they are truly invested in helping their community.
    S. Davidson
  • Professional, courteous and knowledgable staff.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the professional, courteous and knowledgable staff. They have a great selection and the store is immaculate. I have been dealing with chronic pain since 2002 stemming from 2 separate back injuries, one resulted in a c5-c7 fusion. The CBD helps just as much as the opiates if not better, and more importantly you can't overdose, get addicted or die from it!

    Tony D
  • Great place for ALL of your CBD needs

    The owner's knowledge of their products as well as the variety of products available is beyond compare. Not only is their customer service and products impeccable, the relaxing aroma and overall design of the store is exquisit. If you are unsure about the whole CBD craze and what the benefits are just stop in and talk to them and you will, at the very least, walk away with a sound understanding of it all. Will definitely be visiting them again very soon!

    Ryan Maxie
  • Great atmosphere!

    Great atmosphere and great products. The employees are genuinely nice and very helpful. I’ll only take my business from now on.

    K Brown
    Local Guide
  • Love these guys

    Love these guys and love these products. I went in with a poblem and they recommended a product, and problem solved! They really know their merchandise.

    Denise Hurst